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Spare Parts List for Kyosho Concept 46VR ARTF

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Disclaimer: This page is provided so that you may view a shortened list of spare parts from Kyosho Spare Parts. This parts listing is not a substitute for the original manual or parts list supplied with your model. Models may occasionally change during their production life cycle with no change to the packaging even when that packaging features a version number. Al's Hobbies shall accept no liability should a part be ordered which turns out to be the wrong part. Please check the part numbers in your manual prior to ordering.

Image Part No. Item Add To Basket
Kyosho Spare Parts K.1192 K.1192 Kyosho 1192 Dragbolts 4x28mm Nexus/VR Rotor Grip (Pk 4) (K.1192) -
K.96781 Kyosho 96781 Adjustable Muffler (.32~.46 Engines) (K.96781) -
BB1901Z Kyosho BB1901Z Ball Bearing 5x10x4mm. (dust-resistant) (8) -
K.H3003 Kyosho H3003 Hiller Cont.lever - Nexus/con30-46 (K.H3003) -
Kyosho Spare Parts K.H3006 K.H3006 Kyosho H3006 Ball Bearings (Pk 2) - 5x13x4mm -
K.H3016 Kyosho H3016 Ball Bearing - Main Shaft - Nexus/con30-46 (K.H3016) -
H3019 Kyosho H3019 Main Gear, 46VR -
K.H3020 Kyosho H3020 One Way Shaft - Nexus/con30-46vr (K.H3020) -
K.H3021 Kyosho H3021 One Way Housing(bb) - Nex/con30-46 (K.H3021) -
K.H3025 Kyosho H3025 Counter Gear Shaft - Concept 30 (K.H3025) -
K.H3039 Kyosho H3039 Tail Wing Set (30-46) Blue - Nexus/c30 (K.H3039) -
Kyosho Spare Parts H3040 H3040 Kyosho H3040 Tail Input Gear Bearings (Pk 2) - 8x14x3.5mm -
Kyosho Spare Parts K.H3042 K.H3042 Kyosho H3042 Tail Rotor Gear Case - Nexus/c.30-46 (K.H3042) -
K.H3048 Kyosho H3048 Ball Bearing 6x10x3mm (Pk 2) (K.H3048) -
K.H3054 Kyosho H3054 Body Mount Set, Nex/con30-46
£6.58 Inc. 20.00% VAT, £5.48 Ex. VAT.
K.H3055 Kyosho H3055 Body/servo Plate Set - Nex/con30-46 (K.H3055) -
Kyosho Spare Parts H3063 H3063 Kyosho H3063 Stabilizer Bar (Flybar) (Pk 2) -
H3072 Kyosho H3072 Double Sided Tape -
K.H3101 Kyosho H3101 Ball Bearing 6x12x3mm (Pk 2) (K.H3101) -
Kyosho Spare Parts H3103 H3103 Kyosho H3103 Mixing Lever Bearings (Pk 4), Concept 30 -
Kyosho Spare Parts K.H3106 K.H3106 Kyosho H3106 Pitch Slider Ball Bearings (Pk 2) - 10x15x3mm (K.H3106) -
K.H3108 Kyosho H3108 Ball Ends - Concept 30-46VR (Pk 13) (K.H3108) -
Kyosho Spare Parts K.H3110 K.H3110 Kyosho H3110 Elevator Link, Concept 30-46VR (K.H3110) -
K.H3122 Kyosho H3122 Pitch Slider - Nexus/SR/SRX/46VR (K.H3122) -
K.H3239 Kyosho H3239 Flybar Paddle - Sx/32&46vr (K.H3239) -
H3241 Kyosho H3241 Thrust Bearing Set -
K.H3242 Kyosho H3242 Swash Plate - Nex/sx/srx/32&46vr (K.H3242) -
Kyosho Spare Parts H3243 H3243 Kyosho H3243 Tail Rotor Blades, SX -
H3248 Kyosho H3248 Bevel Pinion Gear -
K.H3266 Kyosho H3266 Tail Boom - Black C.46vr (K.H3266) -
K.H3277 Kyosho H3277 Tail Drive W.Guide Rear (Pk 3) - SRX/32/46VR (K.H3277) -
K.H3278 Kyosho H3278 Tail Guide Pipe (Pk 2), SR-X/32 & 46VR
£5.39 Inc. 20.00% VAT, £4.49 Ex. VAT.
Kyosho Spare Parts K.H3301A K.H3301A Kyosho H3301A Stabiliser Seesaw, Concept32/46VR (K.H3301A) -
K.H3302 Kyosho H3302 Feathering Shaft - 46df/32&46vr (K.H3302) -
K.H3303 Kyosho H3303 Main Rotor Head - 46df/32&46vr (K.H3303) -
K.H3304 Kyosho H3304 Alu Mixing Base - 46DF/32/46VR (K.H3304) -
Kyosho Spare Parts K.H3307 K.H3307 Kyosho H3307 Mixing Levers Set, 46DF/32 & 46VR (K.H3307) -
K.H3309 Kyosho H3309 Cyclic Lever Link- Nex/32/46VR (K.H3309) -
H3320A Kyosho H3320A Main Rotor Grips, Nexus30 -
Kyosho Spare Parts K.H3321 K.H3321 Kyosho H3321 Mast (Main Shaft) (K.H3321) -
K.H3323 Kyosho H3323 Pitch Rod Guide (K.H3323) -
K.H3324 Kyosho H3324 Rot.shaft Collar - Nexus/32&46vr (K.H3324) -
K.H3333 Kyosho H3333 Tail Support Bracket - Nexus/32/46VR (K.H3333) -
K.H3336 Kyosho H3336 Tail Boom Support Nexus/C32/46VR (K.H3336)
£8.31 Inc. 20.00% VAT, £6.93 Ex. VAT.
K.H3338 Kyosho H3338 Undercarriage Set - Nexus/32/46VR (K.H3338) -
K.H3344 Kyosho H3344 Rot.shaft Bb Case - Nex/32&46vr (K.H3344) -
K.H3347 Kyosho H3347 Tail Cont W.guide - Nex/32&/46vr (K.H3347) -
K.H3348 Kyosho H3348 Tail Rotor D.wire - Nex/32&46vr (K.H3348) -
K.H3365 Kyosho H3365 Main Rotor (K.H3365) -
K.H3375 Kyosho H3375 Tail Output Shaft - Ss-r/32&46vr (K.H3375) -
K.H3376 Kyosho H3376 Tail Pitch Lever - Ss-r/32&46vr (K.H3376) -
K.H3501 Kyosho H3501 Elevator Lever S 32&46vr (K.H3501) -
K.H3502 Kyosho H3502 Aileron/pitch Levers - 32&46vr (K.H3502) -
K.H3503 Kyosho H3503 Linkage S Concept 32&46vr (K.H3503) -
K.H3504 Kyosho H3504 Tail Slide Ring Set, 46VR (K.H3504) -
K.H3505 Kyosho H3505 Tail Rotor Gears - 32&46vr (K.H3505) -
K.H3506 Kyosho H3506 Hex Side Frame Nuts - 32&46vr (K.H3506) -
K.H3507 Kyosho H3507 Clutch Bell/drive Gear - Con46vr (K.H3507) -
K.H3508 Kyosho H3508 Counter Gear (57t)- Concept 46vr (K.H3508) -
K.H3509 Kyosho H3509 One Piece Clutch - Concept 46vr (K.H3509) -
K.H3510 Kyosho H3510 Engine Mount - Concept 46vr (K.H3510) -
K.H3511 Kyosho H3511 Coolin Fan - Conc 46vr (K.H3511) -
K.H3512 Kyosho H3512 Fuel Tank - 280cc. Concept46vr (K.H3512) -
K.H3513 Kyosho H3513 Casing Fan - Conc 46vr (K.H3513) -
K.H3514 Kyosho H3514 Main Frame - Conc 46vr (K.H3514) -
K.H3515 Kyosho H3515 Servo Frame - Conc 46vr (K.H3515) -
K.H3516 Kyosho H3516 Tail Linkage Set, Concept 32&46VR (K.H3516) -
K.H3517 Kyosho H3517 Body Shell - Concept 32&46vr (K.H3517) -
K.H3518 Kyosho H3518 Canopy - Concept 46vr (K.H3518) -
K.H3519 Kyosho H3519 Decal Set, 46VR (K.H3519) -
K.H6033-2 Kyosho H6033-2 Ball Bearing 5x16x5mm (K.H6033-2) -
K.H6034 Kyosho H6034 Tail Drive Coupling - Nexus (K.H6034) -
K.H6047 Kyosho H6047 Tail Dr. Joint - Nexus/30&46&60 (K.H6047) -
K.H6053R Kyosho H6053R Tail Center Hub - Nexus/60sr/srx/46vr (K.H6053R) -
K.H6054 Kyosho H6054 Tail Rotor Grips - Nex/60/SRX/46VR (K.H6054) -
K.BRG008 Kyosho K.BRG008 Ball Bearing 12x18x4mm (2) (h3222) -
K.PI-15 Kyosho PI-15 Ball Bearing 8x12x3.5mm (K.PI-15) -
K.Z8007 Kyosho Z8007 Stainless Steel Linkage Balls & Screws (Pk 10) (K.Z8007) -