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Spare Parts List for Kyosho GS-21R Pullstart Engine (Part 74022) (K.74022)

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Disclaimer: This page is provided so that you may view a shortened list of spare parts from Kyosho Spare Parts. This parts listing is not a substitute for the original manual or parts list supplied with your model. Models may occasionally change during their production life cycle with no change to the packaging even when that packaging features a version number. Al's Hobbies shall accept no liability should a part be ordered which turns out to be the wrong part. Please check the part numbers in your manual prior to ordering.

Image Part No. Item Add To Basket
Kyosho Spare Parts K.6510-27 K.6510-27 Kyosho 6510-27 Needle Valve 6510.30/6520.37 * (K.6510-27) -
K.6520-10 Kyosho 6520-10 Shim (Forward Crank) - All GS21 (K.6520-10) -
Kyosho Spare Parts K.6520-12 K.6520-12 Kyosho 6520-12 Gudgeon Pin, GS21 (K.6520-12) -
Kyosho Spare Parts K.6520-13 K.6520-13 Kyosho 6520-13 Connecting Rod (Conrod), GS21 (K.6520-13)
£9.50 Inc. 20.00% VAT, £7.92 Ex. VAT.
Kyosho Spare Parts K.6520-14 K.6520-14 Kyosho 6520-14 Carburettor Retainer & Nut, GS21 (K.6520-14)
£3.94 Inc. 20.00% VAT, £3.29 Ex. VAT.
K.6520-15 Kyosho 6520-15 Dust Cover (Slide Valve Bellows) - All GS21 (K.6520-15) -
K.6520-16 Kyosho 6520-16 Carburettor Seal - All GS21 (K.6520-16) -
K.6520-17 Kyosho 6520-17 Recoil Starter Comp. - All GS21 (K.6520-17) -
K.6520-17-1 Kyosho 6520-17-1 One-way Bearing & Shaft- All GS21 (K.6520-17-1) -
K.6520-17-2 Kyosho 6520-17-2 Back Plate Only - All GS21 (K.6520-17-2) -
K.6520-17-3 Kyosho 6520-17-3 Recoil Starter Only- All GS21 (K.6520-17-3) -
K.6520-17-4 Kyosho 6520-17-4 O Ring And Shim - All GS21 (K.6520-17-4) -
K.6520-18 Kyosho 6520-18 Screw Set - All GS21 (K.6520-18) -
K.6520-30BB Kyosho 6520-30BB Crankcase - GS21R (K.6520-30BB) -
K.6520-32 Kyosho 6520-32 Head Gasket - GS21X/GS21R (K.6520-32) -
K.6520-34 Kyosho 6520-34 Piston And Liner - GS21R (K.6520-34) -
K.6520-38 Kyosho 6520-38 Back Cover - GS21R W/Out Starter (K.6520-38) -
K.6520-39 Kyosho 6520-39 Carburettor Complete (8mm) - GS21R (K.6520-39) -
K.6520-40 Kyosho 6520-40 Flywheel Spacer (6520.41) - GS21R (K.6520-40) -
K.6520-41 Kyosho 6520-41 Crankshaft - GS21R MkII (K.6520-41) -
K.6520-42 Kyosho 6520-42 Sp Cylinder Head (K.6520-42) -
K.6520-43 Kyosho 6520-43 Carburettor Assembly (7mm) - GS21R (K.6520-43) -