Paritech Viperjet XXL (Al's Prestige Collection)

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Paritech Viperjet XXL (Al's Prestige Collection)

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The ultimate, the definitive, the biggest and the best Viper jet ever!! The Paritech XXL Viper is truly a showstopper. A head turner where ever it flies, if only for its sheer size! This viper jet is exceptional right down to the last detail. Built by professionals using the very best of equipment. Not a penny has been spared or a corner cut when it comes to this model. All the equipment used is top spec and brand new at time of fitting. The model has completed less than 20 flights so is in a pristine condition. Set up and ready to go on a DX-18 set up, this model is a true bind and fly.

Equipment fitted

  • All JR 8911 HV servos throughout
  • Powerbox Royal SRS with built in I gyro ( latest version )
  • B300F turbine. Hand built to order and producing over 70 Lbs of thrust ( Watch the take off in the video )
  • Full light set with custom built solid lenses that improve the power and coverage of the lights dramatically
  • Extra fuel tank to allow for 8 -10 min flights
  • Large smoke tank with powerbox smoke pump
  • Easy to rig and de rig with powerbox multi servo wire plug sets

Despite its huge size, the easy to rig/ assemble nature and light weight (24 Kg) means that this is no beast to handle. We have rigged this model single handedly. Also despite its size, its incredibly agile. Just watch the video and see how it can be flown super smooth and precise, but at the same time be exceptionally agile. All manner of aerobatics are capable with this multi purpose plane. As happy from grass as it is Hard surface, the Viper XXL can slow down to a crawl for landing.

A quick calculation shows that to assemble a Viper to this spec from new would cost in the region of £16,500.00

  • Kit £7500
  • Turbine £4700
  • Servos £700
  • Powerbox £600
  • Accessories £500
  • Build Charge £2500

So we think its fair to say that at this price. Our Viper XXL represents a considerable saving. Not to mention the fact that you do not have to go through the effort and the delays involved in obtaining a kit, having it built and setting it up to this standard.
As always. if you have any questions about this, or any of our Prestige page models. then please contact us on telephone 0044 (0) 1908 315999 or email us on where we will be happy to help.