CARF SU31 3m Custom Scheme (Al's Prestige Collection)

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CARF  SU31 3m Custom Scheme (Al's Prestige Collection)

This item has now been sold. Any questions about this, or any other of Al's prestige fleet then please Al on telephone 0044 (0) 1908 315999 or email him on where he will be happy to help.

C-ARF SU31 3m Span in Custom Scheme.
A "as new" SU31 fully equipped with all JR 8711HV Servos that were new when fitted to this model. This is the very model that was used for the CARF Instruction manual so it is perfectly assembled. Lots of little extra touches such as light weight pilot and dashboard, alu closed loop wire exits, fuel dots SWB arms throughout, and SWB Rudder servo tray etc etc. No expense spared on this one. We purchased this model with the intention of fitting a radial over winter, but it appears that all the radials have been allocated to other projects.
Just the purchasing the kit of this model in a custom scheme plus shipping would cost in the region of £3000.00. So with 11 x 8911 HV servos and all of this hardware you are looking at an investment of well over £5000.00 new. So at just £2500.00 this represents a huge saving over new.
The model is not fitted with an engine, but was flown with a DA200 4 cylinder, but is just as happy with a DA150/ 170 if desired as the bulkhead has been left as per original.