Fusion Smart Guard 2 Lipo Battery Checker/Balancer (P-FS-BC05)

£18.99 including 20.00% VAT
£15.82 excluding VAT

Suppliers Part Number: P-FS-BC05

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Fusion Smart Guard 2 Lipo Battery Checker/Balancer (P-FS-BC05)

Now includes integrated balancer.Digital Battery Capacity/Voltage Checker For Li-Po/Li-Fe/Li-ion/NiCD/NiMH

The Fusion Smart Guard offers advanced battery monitoring features with clear LCD screen. Input voltage and total cell capacity ability on all listed cell types from 2 - 7 cells. All other functions are for Lithium based cells. Lithium batteries with JST-EHR or JST-XH can be plugged directly into the Smart Guard. FlightPower and Thunder Power batteries will require an adapter board or lead.

Fusion Smart Guard 2 Features

  • Total voltage
  • Remaining battery capacity (Lithium only)
  • Individual battery cell voltages (Lithium only)
  • Lowest cell voltage (Lithium only)
  • Highest cell voltage (Lithium only)
  • Voltage gap between highest cell voltage and lowest cell voltage (Lithium only)